#CancelEverything Trends on The Internet as WHO Declares Coronavirus a Pandemic

Last night World health Organisation Declared Covid-19 aka Coronavirus a Pandemic, indicating the severity of this virus, which triggered the world wide markets to crash as things are getting canceled.

There have been talks that Tokyo Olympics 2020 could be postponed for 1-2 years following the pandemic, resulting in huge losses to worldwide economy.

Although China has controlled the coronavirus spread in the mainland, as all the makeshift temporary hospitals have been closed now, also the Chinese government has asked the companies in Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, to resume work for key industries.

#CancelEverything is now trending in India as schools, colleges, amusement parks etc are getting closed.

Cancel 2020. #CancelEverything #CoronavirusPandemic — Professor Snape (@_Snape_) March 12, 2020
#CancelEverything Introverts: pic.twitter.com/4HjdRt9jOw — Big Girl Slay 💋 (@Biggirlslay) March 11, 2020
Not trying to be morbid, but everyone thinks this pandemic is a joke and overdone in the media until their grandparent gets diagnosed, they realize the mortality rate for elderly is 15%, and the hospital is full. Your event can wait. #CancelEverything — Savannah (@savannahsstrait) March 11, 2020
This Corona virus panic is slowly becoming a dream come true for people who don’t like to leave their house #CancelEverything — Meredith (@meralee727) March 11, 2020
If you are a touring musician, cancel your shows. Do not promote congregating in groups. Don't wait for the government. They are incompetent and dragging their heels. Protect your fans. Protect vulnerable people. Protect our medical system.#CancelEverything #StaytheFuckHome — Tae Phoenix 🐝 🔥🩸 🦷 🗽 (@TaePhoenix) March 11, 2020
We need two weeks paid leave for every American. That’s the bailout this country has been waiting for. #CancelEverything — Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) March 11, 2020
I stand with #CancelEverything before the Coronavirus cancels us. — Angela Belcamino (@AngelaBelcamino) March 11, 2020
#CancelEverything trends Introverts: pic.twitter.com/YuEGX1t2pW — AlphaOmegaSin (@AlphaOmegaSin) March 11, 2020

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