Delhi Sees Highest Single Day Rise In Covid-19 Cases, CM Says It Time To Re-Open

Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday released a statement saying that people will have to start living with Coronavirus, ironically Delhi also reported the highest spike in coronavirus cases on sunday as well with a daily increase of 475 cases.

The lockdown has been extended in Delhi for two weeks, but there will be certain relaxations — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 3, 2020
कोरोना ने हमारे देश को 70 साल की एक कमी का एहसास करा दिया है। हम लोगों ने हैल्थ इंफ्रास्ट्रक्चर पर इन्वेस्ट नहीं करा। दिल्ली सरकार ने पिछले 5 सालों में ये कर के दिखाया है। मोहल्ला क्लीनिक, अस्पताल, दवाई में खूब इन्वेस्ट किया है। अब पूरे देश को इस दिशा में चलना होगा। — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) May 2, 2020

However, the announcement was not received well by the common mob as the plight of Indian healthcare is well known and it is quite inadequate to handle the current rate of 500+ patients a day, if the current rate of cases sustains.

Funny how delhi government wants delhi to open because the government isn’t making any money,and they dont have any money to pay for the freebie they gave to buy votes.#delhilockdown #COVIDー19 #coronavirus (@apoorves18) May 3, 2020

People are already pointing fingers at Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal for providing freebies earlier during the elections and now asking people to return to work and bringing economy back to life, however there is no action plan yet that was revealed but it seems like people are not ready for it.

Delhi airport to resume flights from Terminal 3, will allot entry gates, check-in bays to airlines#DelhiFightsCorona #delhilockdown #Lockdown3 — Ashfaque Ahmed (@tweetashfaque) May 3, 2020

Although the government has classified areas into green, orange and red zones, for the better movement of people and good, but it is still not understood what the urgency is when the national capital just saw the highest increase in number of daily coronavirus cases.

The worst affected Global economies like United States, United Kingdom and Spain are also discussing and planning re-opening plans, but to counter that, these are developed economies and these countires have already peaked out their coronavirus numbers, but this can not be said for india yet.

This is how people reacted to it…

#ShamelessKejriwal people's voted you for their safety and social welfare . Why are you running away from your responsibility now Kejriwal ? — Dr X-Men (@shail719) May 3, 2020
Sorry to say but @ArvindKejriwal ji something you are not of your own words & behave as maximalist. #ShamelessKejriwal — Agastya (@Agastya96842426) May 3, 2020

#Covid19 #lockdown #ArvindKejriwal

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