Kerala Vlogger Documented His Stay In Coronavirus isolation Ward, Now Discharged

A youtube handle that goes by the ‘Mallu traveler’, owned and run by Shakir Subhan has over 6 lakh followers on Youtube. Shakir was admitted at a government hospital in Kannur where he was placed in an isolation ward due to his travel history.

Shakir’s vlogs from the hospital have been quite calm and informative at the first place, the videos from his handle have been helping to avoid misinformation throughout social media, his lively content has also helped in sending positive vibes among people who are living in fear.

Courtesy : Mallu Traveler

Shakir went on a road trip to Europe last year, where he had covered countries like Iran where almost 8000 people have been affected till now and 290 people have succumbed to the virus. After being denied entry to few countries, Shakir cut short his trip and returned to Kannur through Dubai. After which he was admitted to the isolation ward for quarantine following which he was discharged this Sunday after testing negative for Coronavirus.

Courtesy : Mallu Traveler

Speaking to his self operated camera he said,“I’m travelling like the Prime Minister. They (airport officials) moved all the passengers away and removed the customs check. For the first time in my life, I feel like a VIP”

Courtesy : Mallu Traveler

When an Airport official asked him not to be afraid, he said “I am not afriad at all. Even if I have to be in bed for 15 days, I will enjoy. I will make sure not to spread the infection to anyone.”

Once at the isolation ward, where he was the only patient on the first day, Subhan brings out the camera again and vlogs calmly about his experience so far. He credits the state government for the cleanliness in the isolation wards and its respectful treatment of those who have to be brought in for suspected symptoms.

Courtesy : Mallu Traveler

During his 3 day stay at the isolation ward, he complimented the state’s health facilities which has been recognized by the world, he also mentioned how well the hospital staff took care of him.

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