People Queue Outside Liquor Shops As India Relaxes Lockdown Norms

On 4th May people were seeing gathering outside wine shops even before the stores opened, some, as early as 7.:30 AM. Ever since the lockdown started on 24th March, people have been struggling to get alcohol, some were even caught tring to sell during the lockdown.

Social distancing ? What’s that ?

Shocked to see today’s scenes at #LiquorShops in Andhra Pradesh. Common sense says that people will throng in large numbers, but there is no contingency plan from @ysjagan nor is there a care for social distance. This comes amidst the steep rise in #Covid19 cases in AP — N Chandrababu Naidu #StayHomeSaveLives (@ncbn) May 4, 2020
More than a kilometre long queue seen outside a liquor shop at Desh Bandhu Gupta Road in Delhi. (Video: ANI)#LiquorShops #Covid_19 Live updates 👇 — The Times Of India (@timesofindia) May 4, 2020
People lining up outside the wine shop in Malviya Nagar….. neighbors are getting worried….@DCPSouthDelhi plz take care of their worries. — Adv. Somnath Bharti (@attorneybharti) May 4, 2020

These visuals are from all over country, no social distancing, no precautionary measure, as well as no mask were spotted in some cases. In the national capital, cops had to shut down some liquor stores and even enforced laathicharge to disperse the crowd.

However, tweeteratis reacted to this in the most humours way possible…

The air in Bengaluru is so clear that I can even see the end of this liquor shop queue. #LiquorShops — Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) May 4, 2020
Alcohol is our saviour 😹#LiquorShops — Dr. Achambit Santra (@5trillion_jumIe) May 4, 2020
After seeing Long queues outside #LiquorShops. Samsung and Apple CEOs : — Tweeting Quarantino ➐ (@rohitadhikari92) May 4, 2020
These #LiquorShops queues show that after 6 weeks of prohibition, everybody has fallen in line. — Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) May 4, 2020
Neighbor uncle after spotting me in a queue at a liquor shop –#LiquorShops — नीरज . (@AjeebPrani) May 4, 2020
You are standing in a queue for hours to a buy liquor and your non drinking friend calls to say " bhai mere liye cold drinks le ana "#LiquorShops — Roohdaar (TauPun) (@TauTumhare) May 4, 2020
You all made fun of Ravi Shastri. Now, Ravi Shastri is one who is going to take the Indian Economy out of shambles.#LiquorShops — Cryptic Mind (@vishj05) May 4, 2020
Situation right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #LiquorShops — तूफ़ान का देवताᵀʰᵒʳ 🚩 (@iStormbreaker_) May 4, 2020

Lockdown 4.0 incoming ?

#Liquorshops #LiquorshopsIndia

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