Watch : Farmers Forced To Bury Hundreds of Chicken Alive in Karnataka Due To Coronavirus Scare

Due to rumors being spread that Coronavirus is caused by chickens, the price of poultry farm products like chicken and eggs has dropped drastically, following which the farm owners can’t make profit after incurring the cost of feed, resulting in triggering this kind of act.

Nazeer, the owner of the farm, loaded about 6000 chickens in a truck before dumping them into a large pit. He cited the reason that his chickens were being sold at 50-70 per Kg. Which is 2-3 times the normal cost of chickens.

A dejected farmer Nazeer Makandar from Lolasoora village in #Gokak, #Belagavi decided to bury #chicken from his #poultry farm, following steep fall in price due to #CoronavirusOutbreak. @DeccanHerald @CMofKarnataka @mani1972ias #Coronavid19 Nazeer Makandar — Niranjan Kaggere (@nkaggere) March 10, 2020

Ever since the spread of the coronavirus was reported, rumours are circulating that the consumption of chicken could lead to spread of the virus.

One such viral message circulating in WhatsApp groups in Bengaluru reads: “High alert: Chicken infected from corona virus found in Bangalore today, kindly circulate the message and avoid consumption of chicken. Spread to your dear ones.”

However, health professionals have repeatedly said that the virus is spread via air droplets from infected individuals or carriers (who are infected with the virus but do not show any symptoms of being unwell themselves).

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